Ten days until demo night

2003 Journal Quilt by Maria Elkins

I’m feeling rather indecisive lately. My quilt guild is having a demo night for the next meeting. This is where five members of the guild volunteer to show some product or teach some skill. The rest of the members will divide up and rotate around the room, spending about ten minutes at each station. Somehow, I volunteered to demonstrate something. What was I thinking? Now I’m in a quandry and … Continue reading

There’s always something – this time VBS

VBS 2010

There’s always something! You know, an excuse, a reason. This week our church held its VBS (vacation Bible school). All the volunteers really did a fantastic job and the kids were thrilled. I wasn’t really directly involved, but I did go every night to take pictures. My daughter and her husband were both recruited so each day they spent a lot of time at our house before and after. I … Continue reading

New blue flower

Blue garden flower

Not much quilting is getting done right now, but I am enjoying do a multitude of other little tasks. One of those is assembling this flower for my garden. I’m not much of a gardener at all. Basically, my garden consists of “volunteers” (any plant that plants itself, takes care of itself, and requires no effort from me), blue bowling balls, styrofoam balls covered with glass marbles with grouting, and … Continue reading

Subversive Stitchers

In Answer To Prayer by Maria Elkins

Today Dawn Goldsmith of Subversive Stitchers:Women Armed with Needles discussed traditional and modern sampler quilts, and she featured my quilt, “In Answer to Prayer.” This quilt was my very first original quilt, and also my first quilt featuring a person. I first realized that quilts could include people after seeing the work of Charlotte Warr Andersen. Drawing people and portraits have always been my favorite subject matter, so it was … Continue reading

Two fat envelopes!

Captivated by Maria Elkins

My mailbox revealed two fat envelopes today! Both “Captivated” and “Sheer Whim” have been selected as finalists and will be exhibited at the 2010 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. I’ve been entering this show nearly every year since 1998. “First December in Ohio” was the first quilt I every had accepted into the IQF show. I still consider it’s a great honor to be accepted into this show. This … Continue reading

Pieceful Stitchers Workshop

Today I taught a workshop for Pieceful Stitchers. Here are a few quick photos of a few of the portraits that were begun. Each workshop we make new discoveries. Today one student discovered that a stiletto is very useful for making the initial hole in the fabric so it is easier to insert a pair of sharp-pointed scissors. So there’s another optional tool I’m going to add to my student … Continue reading

Workshop Preparation

Workshop preparation

I spent today preparing for the “Making Faces” workshop I will be teaching this Saturday. It’s always exciting when I’m getting things ready. I really enjoy problem-solving processes, and I love to organize things, so thinking through everything that will be needed, gathering it together, and putting it all in a logical order is very fulfilling. For this workshop, each student emails me two portrait photos in advance and then … Continue reading


Quilting has temporarily put on the back burner so I can do a few other projects. Today my daughter came over so we could put up a bit of wallpaper in one of the Sunday school rooms at church. This project only involved five poster-sized panels so it was quick and easy. Our next project will be a wallpaper mural on an entire wall. I was thankful to have a … Continue reading