Improving my sewing table

Notice the gap in front of the machine

Notice the gap in front of the machine

One thing I don’t like about my new SewEzi table is how there is a gap to the right of the clear acrylic insert, right in front of the machine. There was a gap with my other table, too, and I was always dropping things into it. And sometimes, when I put down my seam ripper or some other gadget, if it didn’t roll into the gap, it would roll off the front edge instead, right into my trash can.

As I sat at my new table, I tried to think of a way I could either cover up the gap or use that space. I measured it and started looking around my studio for something about that size. I found a bobbin box that was the perfect dimensions. In fact, if I was going to make a box from scratch for this purpose, I would have made it exactly that size! Having the dividers in the box made it even better. I just needed to cut off one end so I could use it to create a little gadget holder.

Don’t tell: I used a combination of scissors and a steak knife to cut off the end opposite the hinges. I am not recommending that cutting device! It would have been safer to use a jigsaw or something like that. In any case, once the end was cut off, the modified box slipped easily into the gap in front of my machine.

New gadget and pencil holder

New gadget and pencil holder

Now I have a perfect place to keep small scissors, seam rippers, pencils, etc.


Improving my sewing table — 9 Comments

  1. It looks like it was made for that purpose. Way to think (out) of the box! LOL And I understand about the seam ripper and the trash. My table has a slight tilt to the front and the dang thing is always rolling off.

    • LOL! If the SewEzi table people are reading this, they could market it and sell them along with the other attachments ;). Of course, different machines take up different amounts of space, so that would complicate things…

  2. To change the ’tilt’ of a machine go to the hardware and buy an inexpensive little brown squares they put under furniture ….usually a set of 4 . Actually, one quilt teacher recommended tilting your machine toward you to enable you to see your work better. Just slide 2 of those under the back of your machine and two under the platform legs. Amazing how much better one can visualize one’s work. It’s strange that they would have a gap like that on the SewEzi table. My platforms are cut flush with my Berninas….no gap.

    • I think the gap is unavoidable because they have made one table to fit any machine, no matter how different the sizes.

  3. What a great solution, and a very handy one too. Wish I had a ‘gap’ to fill as that would be very handy by my machine. You need to send that in to a quilt magazine as an idea!

  4. I use that little gap on my sew ezi table to collect all my thread clippings – I’m too lazy to get/make a container for them, I just brush them in there and then reach under and collect the lot for the rubbish bin when I’m finished sewing for the day. But I think your idea is a much better use of space!