Quilting Quarterly

I got my Quilting Quarterly (Volume 41 Number 4) in the mail this week. It is the 2012 Show Special Edition which shows all the winning quilts from the 2012 NQA show. Wow! What beautiful quilts! If you weren’t able to attend the show and see them in person, this is the next best thing. It has detail shots of some of them, and mini profiles. Nestled away on page … Continue reading

2012 NQA Show

Sweet hubby and I just returned from the 43rd Annual NQA Quilt Show. (NQA stands for National Quilting Association.) I was scheduled to teach six workshops over a three day period! I was pretty nervous about that, and it took quite a bit of time to get everything prepared and ready to go. I’ve actually been preparing off and on for the last six months, but the ten days prior … Continue reading

Winners from the 2012 MVQG show

The Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild met last night, and they announced the winners from last weekend’s show. Our guild doesn’t use a panel of judges to pick the winners. Instead, each person that comes to the show is given a ballot as they enter, and they get to vote on their favorite quilt in each category. I always enjoy learning what quilts the average viewer picks since they are a … Continue reading

IQA Journal Winter 2012

IQA Digital Journal Winter 2012

I just got my IQA (International Quilt Association) Digital Journal for Winter 2013. It has the award winning quilts from the 2011 IQA Judged Show in it. All I have to say is, seriously? When “Windblown” won the big award at the Houston quilt festival, they told me I would have to say a few words at the awards banquet. Not my favorite thing to do, and I didn’t do … Continue reading

Beavercreek News-Current

Beavercreek News-Current

The Beavercreek News-Current, a small local newspaper in our town, did a nice article on “Windblown” winning the award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. (Thanks, Jodi!) I knew they were writing an article, but didn’t know when it was going to be published until a friend at church said one of her relatives saw it. Isn’t it fun how the grapevine works? You can see the full article … Continue reading

What was I going to say?

Someone asked me what I was going to say at the IQA Luncheon last Wednesday, if I didn’t have a melt down like I did. Yes, I really did have something in mind, but I accidentally left my brain behind when I walked to the podium. Plus, my eyes have a habit of leaking when I’m feeling stress. I guess all that pressure just squeezes the water right out of … Continue reading

IQF Day 3

Ahhh! A day to “relax!” Today was my day to see the show…not that anyone could possibly see it in just one day! I spent the morning shopping. Here is the first interesting thing I bought. It’s the CD of the winning quilts. Look in the lower left hand corner! I also bought a copy of the International Quilt Festival magazine. Inside, I found this! I was specifically looking for … Continue reading