Tutorial: quilt documentation, continued

Quiltmaker's Documentation Form

After posting yesterday about my rather haphazard way of “documenting” my quilts, I thought it might be nice to give you something a little more organized. So here is the second part of the tutorial on documenting your quilts. I spent a little time creating an easy-to-fill-out quilt documentation form in PDF format. I’m going to start printing one out for each quilt and then I’ll staple one to the … Continue reading

Tutorial: documenting your quilts

Documenting quilts

Seems like I’ve been spinning my wheels the last couple weeks. For the past five days I’ve been drowning in paperwork. Mostly end-of-the-year paperwork and tax stuff for my family, for our church, and for my quilting. Of course there were a few distracted side trips sprinkled in. One of my rabbit trails was organizing the drawer where I keep files on each of my quilts. (Wow — just about … Continue reading