UFO no more!

Foreign Language #2 by Maria Elkins

Another UFO — no more!!! Somehow, finishing this piece seems like a major accomplishment. Of course, you realize, I’m using the term “finished” in the sense that the quilt top is finished, but it’s still just a top. I’m not sure I can even use the term “quilt top” since it isn’t quilted! So technically, some would say it’s still a UFO but I don’t care. I’ll consider this finished … Continue reading

Transforming UFOs

I’m still working on this UFO, although I haven’t had too much time to work on it the last two days. It does appear that I am making progress on transforming this from a “UFO” to a completed project. Here’s where it stands right now. I think I have three sections left to design and then I can finish sewing the whole thing together. At this rate, maybe another day … Continue reading

Attacking another UFO

another UFO

Here’s another UFO (un-finished object) that I’ve decided to attack. It is from a June 2012 Nancy Crow workshop. Nancy calls these “bull’s eye quilts.” This one is so big it doesn’t fit my design wall. Each of those sections are 20″ square. I’m taping the top ones to the storage boxes that sit on top of my cabinets, and half of the ones on the left hang off the … Continue reading

Completing old projects

First Nancy Crow workshop, 2nd project by Maria Elkins

I decided to take a little bit of time to complete some old projects. This one was the closest to being done, so I started with it. Don’t we all love immediate gratification? I started this piece in the very first workshop I took from Nancy Crow in May 2012. Each of the panels were basically done, so it just need the final assembly. I’ll probably wait until this summer … Continue reading

Push-up #9: Improvisational Seminole Patchwork?

I was looking through one of the first quilting books I ever purchased: Seminole Patchwork by Cheryl Greider Bradkin. This book is long out of print. It has a 1980 copyright, and the author came out with a new edition in the early 90’s, also out of print. The later version is in our public library and has nicer illustrations. Anyway, the thing that is interesting to me is that … Continue reading

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Push-up Series so far

I wanted to look at all of the Push-up series at once, so I thought I would do a short blog on them. For those who are new to my blog, my idea of a “push-up” is taking the opportunity to explore an idea without expecting to create a masterpiece. It is a relaxed approach. It’s low risk. I don’t worry about failure. I just try to enjoy the process. … Continue reading

Push-up #8: A.D.D. Complete!

It’s about time! I finally finished Push-up #8! With all of the activities and distractions in my life this year, it took me nearly four months. It seemed appropriate to subtitle the piece, “A.D.D.” In any case, I woke up this morning and I was determined to finish it today. I managed to set aside my fear for a good number of hours and tried to just enjoy the process. … Continue reading