Updating websites

I haven’t been quilting, but I’ve been very busy. Maybe you’ve noticed a difference? I’ve been spending a lot of time updating my website. Well, actually websites but more about that later. I’ve had this website since 1999, back when I had to type HTML all by hand. Briefly, everything changed to ASP files (I forgot about those!), and then all of a sudden everything was PHP, but I was … Continue reading

Purposeful Gift

neonatal organ and tissue donation

If you have been reading my blog for less than a year, you may not know about my precious grandson, Amalya Nathaniel. He was born about ten months ago with a congenital birth defect called anencephaly. That is where the skull does not fully develop, and it is not possible for babies with this condition to survive outside the womb. We were immensely blessed to lavish him with love the … Continue reading