Problem backgrounds

Yesterday, I finished putting the shadow and highlight accents on the two dresses. I also started painting the clivia (AKA Kaffir lily). However, the painted version is not quite as neon orange as it appears in this photo. By the way, thank you to everyone who helped identify that flower. Backgrounds are a problem for me. I typically say, “Backgrounds are boring.” But I’m thinking this image will need something … Continue reading

Painting clothing and something new

I worked on painting the dresses yesterday. Overall, I like how they turned out, even if I still didn’t get that watercolor feeling I was envisioning. I think that effect is going to need a lot more practice when I don’t have a deadline. (The rippling you see in the photo is really the dropcloth underneath, not stripes in the fabric.) While I like the painted look, I had a … Continue reading

Back to Step 2

I finally finished cutting out all the GFG blocks (I never imagined it would take so long!), and I started painting, just like I promised. I thought the hair would be a safe place to start. While I like how it turned out, it doesn’t look anything like the real hair colors. Oh, well. That was just a “source photo,” right? I’m not trying to reproduce the photo, just the … Continue reading

On to Step 3

You may have noticed that I am actively avoiding Step 2 of Plan B. You know, the part where I actually paint something. Instead, I was kind of enjoying the simple black and white outline. While I was looking at the image, it made me think of my mother-in-law, “Grandma Ellie” to our daughters. This picture was taken years ago in her front garden. That’s when my mind connected the … Continue reading

First step, Plan B

I took the first step of Plan B today. I really wanted a different look for this quilt, and I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be able to pull it off, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. I’m hoping to create some beautiful, but controlled, watercolor washes. My initial attempt was dismal, but I’ve got a couple of ideas I’m going to try. Thank you to everyone … Continue reading

Not quite what I imagined

I started painting yesterday. Let’s just say, it didn’t go as planned! This is not quite what I imagined. I wanted a watercolor look, but I haven’t been able to control the bleeding. Hmph! I suppose I could cut it out and fuse it to a background fabric. I’m not ready to quit yet, though. I’m going to try again today. I might try a different technique today to see … Continue reading

Fear, my old foe

Fear is rearing its ugly head again. Isn’t that how the saying goes? I grapple with fear every time I think of making a new quilt. I think many people do. That’s why it is comfortable getting a kit and simply following the instructions. Kits are low risk. Everything is worked out for you. But really, what is there for me to be afraid of? It’s just a piece of … Continue reading