Spring 2012 Quilting Quarterly

The Spring 2012 issue of NQA’s Quilting Quarterly arrived in my mailbox last week. It spent several days sitting on my desk before I opened it. Emblazoned across the top of the page 9 says “Quilting with No Fear,” and below is a picture of me. Oh, dear! Me? No fear? I try to be brave. I try to approach my art without fear, but I definitely haven’t arrived! In … Continue reading

Subversive Stitchers

In Answer To Prayer by Maria Elkins

Today Dawn Goldsmith of Subversive Stitchers:Women Armed with Needles discussed traditional and modern sampler quilts, and she featured my quilt, “In Answer to Prayer.” This quilt was my very first original quilt, and also my first quilt featuring a person. I first realized that quilts could include people after seeing the work of Charlotte Warr Andersen. Drawing people and portraits have always been my favorite subject matter, so it was … Continue reading