Yeah! A second place ribbon!

Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria Elkins

The 2014 Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild show ended yesterday. It was a great success! From everything I could see, there was a lot of participation and attendance was good. I always love seeing the wide variety of quilts. Everyone from the newest newbie to the most experienced quilter is welcome to enter their quilts. There were also a wide variety of styles, from a couple of counted cross-stitch quilts, many … Continue reading

Coloring Grandma’s Garden

Between all my regular activities this weekend, I finally finished “Coloring Grandma’s Garden.” I fiddled with the binding because I wanted the little strip of pink to be very straight and even before I added the black and white binding. I put the hanging sleeve on as usual, but when it came time to make the label, I decided to surround it by another Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt block. It’s … Continue reading

Finishing and blocking

Today I finished quilting “Coloring Grandma’s Garden.” As with most quilts, you can see the edges were somewhat wavy by the time I was finished, and the quilt did not want to lay perfectly flat. This is one of the “good” areas, after I smoothed it out and tried to make it flat. Too bad I didn’t photograph the entire quilt when it was misbehaving. In any case, I really … Continue reading

Reviving Grandma’s Garden

Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria Elkins

I was looking at upcoming show deadlines and I realized I needed to take a break from my Push-up series and actually finish quilting something! So, I decided to revive a quilt that I began last year. It’s been quietly hibernating for nearly eleven months. It’s about time I finished it. I mostly just need to finish quilting the background, but first I spent the weekend un-stitching some particularly ugly … Continue reading

Windblown on the front page!

I received a lovely surprise today. Meryl Ann Butler emailed me to let me know that Windblown is on the front page today! See it there at the bottom of the photo to the left? Meryl Ann wrote a terrific article, “Move Over, Monet: Quilt Art is Fine Art” and she included a photo of Windblown along with my brief description of my goals for that particular quilt. Be sure … Continue reading

Tutorial: Mounting a quilt on canvas-covered stretcher bars

Look at those nice, smooth corners.

Push-up #8 had to be set aside for a few days so I could deal with a bushel of green peppers. I also took a day to mount Acceptance on canvas-covered stretcher bars. This is the quilt that was commissioned for a pediatric hospice. When the director asked for suggestions on how to frame and display the quilt, I recommended that, instead of framing and placing it under glass, it … Continue reading

Review of 2013

My family

It’s nice to look back and reflect a bit, so here’s my short review of 2013. Thankfully it was a bit less eventful than 2012. There were several things I split my attention between. I spent quite a bit of time speaking and teaching at numerous quilt guilds across the country. Sweet hubby and I traveled to California, Des Moines, Decatur, and all over Ohio. I’ve included the long trips … Continue reading

Acceptance is complete!

Acceptance by Maria Elkins

I’m happy to announce that “Acceptance” is complete! It was really interesting doing this image a second time. I actually think the painting and quilting are both better on this one, so I am very pleased with it. I decided to make a few minor changes so people would be able to tell the two quilts apart. Besides giving this one a different title, I also decided to bind it … Continue reading