Permanent pages for Surrender and Quilt Queen

I have added Surrender and Quilt Queen to the “My Quilts” page. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking the information a bit from time to time, but for now you can read about each of these quilts on their own pages: “Surrender” can be found at “Quilt Queen” can be found at … Continue reading

Quilting is done!

Surrender by Maria Elkins

Hooray!!! I’ve finished all the quilting, and we’ve celebrated with Dairy Queen! Now I just need to label it, sleeve it, photograph it, document it…what else? I’m afraid all that is going to have to wait a bit since I have two other deadlines to work on first. BUT, I did finish it in time to send an entry form for June’s NQA show. This is a non-juried show that … Continue reading

Background beginnings

I had a few available hours today, so I dove in and made a start on the background. The basic outlines are now in place. Tomorrow I finish it off! This was the fourth month of SewCalGal’s 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge. This month guest teacher was Don Linn. He introduced a method of tracing your design onto tulle or netting with a permanent marker, and then using the marked tulle … Continue reading

Stuck on the background again

I gathered up my courage and finished quilting the mom’s face and hair. It is a small, but important area. I really wanted it to look nice. I tried giving myself some convincing self-talk so I would quit procrastinating and get it done. In the end, it took the motivation of an impending deadline for me to jump in and do it. So, it is with great relief that all … Continue reading

Best part of eleven hours

Eleven hours, minus breaks and meals. What a luxury! I was able to lavish most of the day on my quilt. I finished the baby, his baby quilt, the arms reaching for him, and his mom’s clothes and hands. Tomorrow morning, when I’m fresh, I’ll tackle the mom’s face and hair, and then I need to go to the drawing board to plan the background sky. I feel good about … Continue reading

Basting and preparing to quilt

I was able to squeeze in an hour or so this morning before church. I spent the time adding some brown background to the right and left of the baby quilt. I also added some additional shadows within the quilt to try to emphasize the idea that it is bending over the edge of the table. Not sure I quite achieved that look, but I have decided that I’m done … Continue reading

On backgrounds

Backgrounds. I’ve never liked them. Like I said before, backgrounds are boring. Maybe it’s because I spent so many years just drawing with pencil or Conté crayons, concentrating on just the main image. Somehow that seems fine for a simple drawing, but it doesn’t work so well on painted images. So, I always end up with the same dilemma. I never quite know how to how to deal with the … Continue reading

Making progress

Today was a wonderful day for working. I put in “Cinderella” and worked steadily while the mice sewed a ballgown. Then I popped in “Tangled” and continued my adventure while Rapunzel went on an adventure of her own. It was so nice to work uninterrupted for several hours at a stretch. I decided the baby needed to be laying on a baby quilt. I just had to figure out how … Continue reading