Review: The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting

I got a special gift in the mail this week. I’m rather addicted to books, especially ones with lots of pictures. The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting by Susan Stein will make a nice addition to my bookshelf, but first it will live by my couch for a while so I can leaf through it day after day. This book is an overview of just about every technique an … Continue reading

Quilting Daily

Violinist by Maria Elkins

Pokey Bolton gave me a nice shout out today! On her Quilting Daily blog she was talking about various ways to use digital images on quilts and she showed a picture of “Violinist” and talked about my “Making Faces” DVD Workshop. I had to giggle because she said I was “famous” and called my method “ingenious.” Isn’t she sweet? I admit, it is a fun and easy method to make … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, DD#1

Violinist by Maria Elkins

Today DD#1 turns 26. Wow. How did that happen? Memories are an interesting blend of “it seems just like yesterday” and “it’s all a blur.” I remember the wonder of it all as she grew within me. I remember the fear and trepidation as I left the hospital with her in my arms. She was a joyful, curious child. She didn’t sleep much. Quit taking naps when she was a … Continue reading