Decluttering, day 3

Today is Day 3 of my attempt to dig out my studio. I’m still working on purging long forgotten craft supplies from my prime work area. After getting rid of most of the things in the first cupboard, I decided to make that my main painting/textile design cupboard. I moved the textile paint and ink I was keeping into that cupboard along with my paintstiks, rubbing plates and stencils, and … Continue reading

Decluttering, day 2

This is where I’m starting today. I purged just about all of the stuff in the first cupboard. A few things, like the cans of spray paint, are going to be relocated to the garage. Most of the other things consisted of college or professional level art supplies such as block printing ink, silk screen ink, acrylic medium, and things of that nature. I’m setting that aside for now and … Continue reading

Decluttering continues

While my blog has been quiet, things have been busy around our house! Of course, I’m getting to spend lots of time with Hazel who, at 8 months old, is practicing her new walking skills and is learning to wave hi and bye. I am also continuing my goal of decluttering our house. At this point, I have completed every room in our house except for my studio and a … Continue reading

Quilt carry bag

I was trying to think of some clever name for the bag I just finished, but I was just too excited about finishing and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. So, here is my new quilt carry bag. If you can think of some fancy name for it, be sure to let me know! For several years now I’ve been dragging my quilts around to guilds around the … Continue reading

Improving my foot pedal, Part 2

A couple weeks ago I told you how I tried to improve my sewing machine’s foot pedal by adding some self-adhesive, rubbery feet. Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long. I must put a lot of hard, forward pressure on my foot pedal because the rubbery feet all slid off. I realized I needed to find another solution. I googled other possiblities. One person said they used one of those honeycomb … Continue reading

Tutorial: custom pressing table

Yesterday I talked about my experience trying out Steady Betty, a foam pressing surface that is ideal for pressing pieced quilt blocks and tops. I like how the foam grips the fabric so it doesn’t slide around when pressing the block, and I also like how flat the seams are afterwards. After trying it out for a while, I decided I liked it enough to create a more permanent pressing … Continue reading

Product Review: Steady Betty

Steady Betty

I haven’t mentioned it on my blog, but I’ve been testing out a new-to-me product for six months or more now. It’s called Steady Betty, and it is a special pressing surface. It is especially good for pressing lots of seams after piecing blocks. It sort of grabs the fabric so it can’t slip around on you. Even better, it is some type of foam so it is a little … Continue reading

Packing Checklist for Quilt Retreats

Everything fits in a rolling cart with room to spare

Have you had the opportunity to attend a quilt retreat? Nothing can be better! My quilt guild holds one each year. I’ve also been blessed by being able to attend several week-long workshops at Nancy Crow’s Timber Frame Barn. The wonderful thing about retreats is that all you have to do is sew…sweet, uninterrupted sewing! Someone else does all the cooking and cleaning. You get to eat, sleep, and sew. … Continue reading