Quick piecing tips

I don’t claim to be any expert when it comes to piecing quilts, but I thought I’d share this tip anyway because I felt like it really speeded things up when I was piecing this week. I have a small, wooden tool (shown on the top) that I think was sold as a Hera marker. I blogged about it once before when I was explaining about markless marking. Anyway, I … Continue reading

Basic blunders and Braided Zigzag

I’ve committed one of the most basic blunders — again. I jumped into making a quilt without really studying the instructions or the photo. But I guess that’s where the fun begins! Three or four years ago, I won this Moda jelly roll called “A Breath of Avignon” at my guild’s annual retreat. Since then, it sat on my shelf, right next to the angels my husband carved, so I … Continue reading