Product Review: Clotilde Sewing Edge

Yesterday I was given the gift of practically a whole day to sew, and I was determined to stay focused. Other than a bit of time on Pinterest during lunch, and a few scattered moments to check email, I spent a good seven hours enjoying the process of putting together a simple quilt. And the good news is: the last row was sewn on just in time to make dinner! … Continue reading

Today’s task

I had the opportunity to sneak in a couple hours of sewing Saturday night so that I finished piecing all of the blocks. Sunday morning before church, and then again in the afternoon, I finished cutting the 6-1/2″ alternate blocks. In the evening our church gathered to watch “The Big Game,” so I set up my machine in a back corner and sewed one alternate block to each pieced block. … Continue reading

Just one hour

This weekend is a very busy one for our church, and since sweet hubby is the pastor, that means I am very involved, too. Today, I had just one hour of free time between two of those activities. Normally, I bemoan the fact that I don’t have all day to quilt, and so I don’t do anything at all. Today, I decided to see what I could get done in … Continue reading

Working through it

I’ve been telling myself that I need to finish the various quilt tops that I started in the Nancy Crow workshops last year. The problem is, something is holding me back. Most likely fear. So, I’ve been procrastinating instead. The problem is that I’ve procrastinated so much (in the form of organizing obsessively) that now my studio is all clean and orderly and there is nothing else fun to organize. … Continue reading