Tutorial: Jelly roll pinwheel quilt – matching seams

I’m still on my quest of using up stuff in my studio. (Truthfully, I’ve barely made a dent!) As I poked around in some drawers, I came across a bunch of jelly roll strips that were all Moda marbles. With those strips in mind, I flipped through three library books on using jelly rolls, looking for something simple. I decided to make a pinwheel variation that I found in “Two … Continue reading

Quick piecing tips

I don’t claim to be any expert when it comes to piecing quilts, but I thought I’d share this tip anyway because I felt like it really speeded things up when I was piecing this week. I have a small, wooden tool (shown on the top) that I think was sold as a Hera marker. I blogged about it once before when I was explaining about markless marking. Anyway, I … Continue reading

Basic blunders and Braided Zigzag

I’ve committed one of the most basic blunders — again. I jumped into making a quilt without really studying the instructions or the photo. But I guess that’s where the fun begins! Three or four years ago, I won this Moda jelly roll called “A Breath of Avignon” at my guild’s annual retreat. Since then, it sat on my shelf, right next to the angels my husband carved, so I … Continue reading

Lil’ Twister quilt

Last Saturday was Craft Saturday for the women of our church. We try to do it about once a month or so. It was tough to squeeze one in this month, but we have so much fun together, talking and eating and crafting, and we really didn’t want to miss out! One of the ladies had recently purchased a Lil’ Twister tool and was willing to show us how to … Continue reading

Sapphire Star – complete!

Sapphire Star by Maria Elkins

Sapphire Star is now complete! I decided that waiting another six months to finish just wasn’t going to work for me. I wanted it done! But, last night we had movie night at our church. What’s a girl to do? I quickly trimmed the quilt, cut some binding, and sewed it on by machine. All that was left was the hand sewing. I grabbed my gear and we were off … Continue reading

Exile and giveaway

Quilting Arts February/March 2012 - Fabric Markers Five Ways

Exile. How sweet the word! Sweet hubby and I decided to exile ourselves this week. Away we flew in Dad’s RV, away to a nearby, not-to-be-disclosed location, away from phones, away from email, away from the rest of the world. We got to our destination, plugged in, and hunkered down. Yes, there was snow on the ground, but we were warm and toasty inside. We watched movies and read and … Continue reading

Improvised marking

Plastic spoon and ruler to mark lines

Today was Craft Day at our little church. It’s a really nice time where the ladies can all gather together for food and fellowship. We each bring whatever craft we like and sit and work and chat. Ahhh…relax! I grabbed the Sapphire Star quilt I’ve been hand quilting. It’s been sitting for several months and I really need to start working on it more regularly. Anyway, I got to church … Continue reading

Life happens

Last week was one of those “life happens” week. It would be untrue to say that I quilt full-time. No, there are many other responsibilities that crowd in and take precedence. Those things may very well be enjoyable to me, and I certainly wouldn’t want to eliminate them, but they still keep me out of the studio. I spent a couple of days with a photo shoot. It was time … Continue reading