Embrace 1

May 2011, 24" wide by 24" high, © 2011, Maria Elkins, All Rights Reserved.

Embrace 1 by Maria Elkins

Embrace 1 by Maria Elkins

This is an experimental quilt based on three woodblock prints I made in 2006. The image was inspired by my daughter’s engagement and it is a loose suggestion of her now-husband giving her a hug from behind. I was trying to work a little freer and less literal, and I also wanted to explore a wide variety of patterns and mark making.

In Fall of 2010, I decided to revisit this idea of working looser. You can read more about that journey by reading my blog postings in the Embrace category. I was pleased with the results of that exploration, so I knew I wanted to quilt it too. In the spirit of my woodblock series, I chose to explore a variety of free-motion machine quilting motifs, which is always a fun proposition. Makes me want to do more! I have another woodblock image that is near and dear to me that I hope to interpret into fabric as well.

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