So Thankful

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I woke up this morning thinking how thankful I am that the weather is getting warmer! My current studio and our family room share the space from a converted garage. Actually, about two-thirds of a not-so-well-insulated, converted garage! We’ve tried adding insulation in the ceiling, and it helped, but it is still subject to wide temperature fluctuations. During the springtime and fall, the temperatures are so nice, it’s almost like the rest of the house.

As I thought of how thankful I am for warmth, I realized how thankful I am to even have a studio. In our last home, my studio was the dining room of our previous house. It was exactly 10′-10″ (12′-3″ if including the bay window) by 12′-6″. I know. I drafted it out. We used every square inch of that room!

I started on the dining room table and my poor kids had to eat in the living room on the couch. My husband rescued two terrific work tables that were being thrown out. One is 3 ft by 8 ft and the other is 2 ft by 6 ft. Somehow he set squeezed them into the dining room so he would be able to eat at the table. Silly man! That just meant that now I had three tables to work on.

Repurposed microscope cabinet
Repurposed microscope cabinet
At some point we also squeezed in a microscope cabinet which a friend rescued from the local university’s cast-off program. This cabinet is perfect for storing fabric! It has thirty microscope-size cubbyholes so I can organize my fabrics by color. Isn’t God good? He has supplied in so many ways. Now I just need to organize my time as well as I organize my fabric. If I did, I would make better use of both.