Day One, 4 PM

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It’s 4 PM on Day One of cleaning my studio. Actually, I started in the dining room next to my studio. That’s where I have a cabinet for storing my quilts, and it was a mess! Stuff piled on top. Things stuffed inside. Now all the quilts are neatly rolled. The top is cleared off. The clutter on the floor is removed. Plus, I put away my design board and other clutter that was in the living room.

Okay, it’s true! My sweet husband helped me set up a studio, but I still spread out all over the house. I like designing on the dining room table where I have natural light. Then I put up the design board in the living room where I can stand back and really look at things as they progress. Sometimes I set up the ironing board there too. And I always use the living room for photographing the quilts when I’m done.

My DH assembled the storage cabinet for me. I bought three narrow wardrobes from Ikea. (I used the 15″ wide Aneboda wardrobe.) We put them horizontal and stacked them, and he bolted them together. It works great! Now I have three 70″ long compartments to store my quilts. Since I make mostly smaller quilts, I’ve divided up the top compartment so there is a spot for my journal quilts too.

The pew in the living room was left over from when we remodeled the church my husband pastors. If you look closely, you can see baskets under the pew. That’s where I keep toys for the little kids who come to visit. After the studio clean-up is complete, I hope to hang some of my quilts on the wall above the pew and maybe a small one above the storage cabinet in the dining room. My “Teacup” quilt would be perfect in there since the whole room is blue and white.

Enough procrastinating! Time to start some real work.