Tutorial: magnetic pin dish

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Magnetic pin dish, top
Magnetic pin dish
I saw this great idea on Amy Smart’s blog, Diary of a Quilter. So today before I left for church I made this one minute craft. So easy and it works! Just use some craft cement and glue some magnets to the underside of a pretty dish. I didn’t have the extra-strong neodymium magnetic buttons that were recommended so I just used some regular magnets. You just have to use some thin ones that are shorter than the ridge on the bottom of the plate.

I’ve used a magnetic “pincushion” for years, but this one is so much prettier. It brings a little smile to my face just looking at it!

Magnetic pin dish, bottom

  1. Sharon Driver

    Wow- thanks for passing it on…I LOVE it! I’ve got just THE dish to use…and it will make me smile too!