Perpetual studio clutter

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Studio clutter
Studio clutter
Am I doomed to live in a perpetual state of studio clutter? Just three months ago, my studio was pristine. I could find things. I could actually see my table top!

When will I learn to put things away after each project? Looking at the picture, you’d think I had accomplished great things! If that were truly the case, I think I might not mind the clutter quite so much.

Today I must push stuff aside long enough to prepare three quilts which will be displayed at the Quilting With Machines show, but after that I simply must clean the studio and figure out how to keep it clean! I humbly accept suggestions, advice, and sweet rebuke.

3 Responses

  1. Susan

    wow – that looks exactly like Zach’s desk most days~~at least I know he will turn out really cool and creative just like you!!! You sure you’re not his real mother? 🙂

  2. Eileen Keane

    Looks like you need a bigger room! lol
    Seriously, trying to fit too much into a small space can be a disaster. Don’t ask how I know this. 🙁

    • Maria

      Ah, there’s never enough space, is there? Guess I need to work harder to use up more of it!