AQN Retreat Day 2, Part 2

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My mask
My mask
The second day of the Art Quilt Network retreat was so packed full that I thought I’d break it up into two posts. Bing Davis of Dayton, Ohio came to tell us his journey as an artist. It is always so interesting to hear about each person’s experiences. In a second presentation after lunch, he shared images of artwork from various cultures. After his presentation he conducted a workshop where each of us had the opportunity to create a mask. We had access to a huge pile of fabric, papers, yarns, ribbon, and a wide variety of embellishments. I loved seeing the variety of approaches to this project. Some people sketched and planned before they started. Some just jumped right in. I tried my best at being free and improvisational, but that is definitely not my best skill! I had fun trying. (I think mine was the only blue mask. I love playing this game!)

Here are a few of the other masks. There were others, too.

The day finished with a terrific presentation by Nancy Condon. She has a piece in Quilt National this year, too. She had such amazing stories to tell of her travels and her development as an artist. I hated to see it end. After her presentation, I went home, but most of the group stayed into Saturday and visited various art galleries in Columbus before wrapping up this year’s retreat.

  1. Ed Chamness

    Had you ever met Bing before? He is really inspiring. He has chair of the art department at Central State while I was there and I have always been awed and inspired by him and his work…actually, when we were trying to get him to leave Miami University and come to Central State, I went to Oxford to do an interview with him to announce his appointment. He is really amazing and makes amazing art…