Embrace Version 2

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Hand-dyed Embrace by Maria Elkins © 2010
Hand-dyed Embrace
I’m not so sure I like working in black and white alone, so I decided to put the first version of Embrace up on the design wall so I could look at it a while.

What Are You Gonna Do With Your Hand-Dyed Fabric by Maria Elkins
What Are You Gonna Do With Your Hand-Dyed Fabric
Back to my fabric stash. This time I pulled out a generous stack hand-dyed fabric. It was pretty much my main attempt at hand dyeing fabric. I used directions frome an American Quilter magazine article which taught how to dye the color wheel in 24 pint-size canning jars. Because this is about the only fabric I’ve dyed, I always treated them as precious. In 1998, I made two star log cabin wall hangings with them and kept every scrap. But really, after twelve years, should they still be treasured? Wouldn’t it be better to use them, even for an experiment? I decided that’s exactly what I should do.

So here’s my initial attempt without any editing. It’s not fused down yet, and I’m still planning on adding an overlay of sketchy mark-making, but that will have to wait until next week. I think this one will have to go up onto the design wall for a while, too.