Embrace Version 3, continued

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Analogous Embrace by Maria Elkins © 2010
Analogous Embrace
I was blessed to have time in my studio again today. Okay, it’s my fault that this week was so busy. I insisted on not one, but two trips to Ikea. Poor hubby. He spoils me and I like it!

Anyway, I spent more time replacing colors. Considering the fact that I never work in this color range (yellow-green, yellow, yellow-orange), I am actually having fun playing with such strong colors. I find it really helps to stop periodically and take pictures. It sometimes makes it easier to see problem areas. I see a few places now that I am going to modify. Sometimes I choose a different fabric entirely. Sometimes I use Tsukineko inks to do a wash of color just to change it a bit. This works great when the fabric is almost right, but just a little too light, or needs to be a little more orange, for example. I think I’m going to fuse-baste these in place and put it up on the design wall. That way I can look at it over a few days before I go any further.

I’m feeling kind of sore because today we also put down a pathway in our front yard. It goes from our front door and leads directly at our church across the street. I’m thrilled! I can’t tell you how many times we walk back and forth every week, and we don’t have to tromp through mud. We used some fiberglass pavers that were re-purposed from another area, so they’re a little dented and warped, but in a couple weeks they’ll sink down in the soft dirt and the pathway will be wonderful.

  1. BJ

    Embrace is really coming along great! I, too, feel taking pictures gives me a different perspective and I pick up on things I don’t always see looking at the actual piece. I also like looking at them through a mirror.
    Your paver walk will be so much nicer for you than trekking through the mud. Hope you pamper yourself with a nice long soak in the tub tonight.