Embrace Version 3

Analogous Embrace by Maria Elkins ©2010
Analogous Embrace
Last night I cleared off my work table and began reworking “Embrace.” This time I started with yellow-oranges on the right and I plan on loosely gradating the colors to yellow-greens on the left. I didn’t get quite finished, but I think I’m liking this direction much more that the hand-dyed version.

Duktig fabric vegetablesBut it will have to wait. Today I decided we had to go to Ikea. I really wanted to get some of these cute fabric vegetables. Sadly, they were completely out of stock. I did get the fabric fruit but now I’m going to have to stalk the website to see when they get more of the vegetables in stock.

Goliat computer work table
Goliat computer work table
While we were there, I convinced DH that we should get something to put his computer on instead of the ugly 1950’s stool that he was using. His study area is part of the studio/family room, so I benefit too. We ended up with a small Goliat drawer unit which turned out to be a perfect choice. He hung a Bygel basket on the side to hold his speakers — before, we were continually knocking them off onto the floor.

Now he has a place for the remote controls, our nightly Dove dark chocolates (they’re good for our hearts — two per night whether we need them or not!), and a few of his study books.

2 Responses

  1. BJ

    I love the middle drawer! Yum yum
    Embrace is looking wonderful. Can’t wait to see it as you continue on with it.

  2. royce vaughn

    Yes that middle draw is an essential tool for computing, at least in my world.