Fabric flowers for shoeboxes

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Fabric flowers for shoeboxes
Fabric flowers for shoeboxes
Today was a break from quilting. Today we had a craft day at church. One of our goals was to make fabric flowers with pony tail holders to put in the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Today we made 35 flowers!

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  1. Joy Stott

    Those came out really nice… I noticed a lot of blue ones… 😀

    I wanted to come and help out with Ellie but I felt that it would be better to leave my germs at home. *sigh*

  2. Susan Paine

    I love that idea. Wished I had some or at least the ‘pattern’ to do some myself. I gave my art professor at Tabor your website because she is into fabric art as well. I wanted to make sure I gave her the right website so I checked it this morning. You might want to check hers out at: http://www.shinheechin.com/


    • Maria

      Forgot to say Shin-hee is a terrific artist! I’ve actually seen some of her work. I’m jealous that you get to take classes from her!!!

  3. Susan Paine

    I don’t actually get to take classes from Shin-hee, she just teaches at our college. She doesn’t teach quilting classes, only art classes. Her personal medium, of course, is quilting. She is a terrific Christian lady and has a wonderful story of her walk with the Lord and uses it in her classes and her art.

    Thanks for the referal to September 6. I’ll have to follow up.