Another excuse to get away

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Embrace version 3, continued
Embrace version 3, continued
We just got back from a little get-away. Mostly we just wanted an excuse to use the RV one more time before DH winterizes it. We went to our favorite park which is less than 15 miles from home. It gives a chance to get away from normal everyday responsibilities and distractions. We go with our projects and a stack of DVDs from the library and just relax. We splurge by going out to dinner and bringing ice cream back to the RV.

Embrace version 1 So what did I get done? I worked some more on my experiments with the Embrace image. I added some sketchy lines to both the black and white version and the analogous version. Once the lines are fuse-basted in place, I hang the quilt on the back of the “design board” (AKA driver’s seat).

I also brought books with me. This time I brought Jinny Beyer’s Color Confidence for Quilters. It was published in 1994 and I hadn’t looked at it in years. Reading it this time, I noticed the pull-out color swatches that I never cut out of the back of the book. I figured it was high time to use them, so out came the scissors. It was fun playing with moving them around into different groupings and gradations. I brought graph paper and color pencils so I could do some simple color scheme exercises. I’m thinking of making some class samples to use as examples. I’m thankful DH is so tolerant. Pretty much the whole RV becomes my studio when we’re away!

We also brought some small painting projects. I got two Forhoja shelves when we went to Ikea last week and wanted to paint them white. DH set up a little table for me so I could spread out. I brought along a little turn table to use while painting. That way I can turn each piece as I paint instead of me circling around and around. Works great! I got my turn table at the thrift store for a quarter. While we were at it, DH sanded down our church offering box and we painted that too. It was originally varnished and decorated more that twenty years ago. Through the years, the decorative paint had soaked into the wood so it couldn’t be sanded away. Painting ended up being the only option.

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  1. BJ

    Both versions of Embrace are fabulous. I love what the lines are adding to it.
    It’s always good when you can get away, and especially for a pastor who really has no self time unless there is a getaway (I’m a PK). How wonderful you have a place you enjoy going to and not have to travel too far from home.

  2. Louise Page


    I enjoy your work very much and have purchased and viewed your DVD from Quilting Arts. I am about to begin some portrait quilts of my grandchildren for Christmas, so I am sure that I will be watching it again.

    I hope that you enjoyed your little get away. My husband and I live and travel full time in our motorhome. Since I am an avid fabric artist, at least half of the storage space is dedicated to my supplies. If you have any suggestions geared toward better utilizing the space or space saving gadgets, please send them my way!


    • Maria

      My husband has always dreamed of traveling full time! Me — not so much!! As far as storage, I’m an organizer by nature. I love doing it. I’m just not so good at keeping it that way. Twenty years ago, I used to sell Tupperware, so I have a lot of it. Now that the kids are grown, I’ve repurposed some of the Tupperware for use in my studio. My favorite thing is to use stackable containers that are all the same size so it won’t matter how they are put away. (I’m addicted to Modular Mates and I’ve corrupted my daughters, too!) Plus I just like the look of a row of uniform items. Maybe that’s why I love quilts. I remember I was fascinated with how my grandfather nailed jar lids to the underside of the basement steps and then screwed the jar in place. He used to keep rows and rows of baby food jars full of nuts and screws. If I had to create a full-time studio in our motorhome, I think I would utilize some of the undersides of cabinets in that way. I love labeling things so I can find it later. DH thinks I’m silly that I keep my spices in alphabetical order, but it’s so easy to find what I want that way. I should probably do that in my studio too.

      Hope you enjoy making the portraits of your grandchildren. I’d love to see them when you’re done.

  3. Ed Chamness

    Maria- I really like the black & white Embrace project since you added the color lines…one of my most lasting “lessons” was from Phyllis Franck…I had made that gigantic black and white quilt (my first actual quilt) and after she saw it she told me that I should have used a little color somewhere to brighten it up…since then, I always try to incorporate some color (usually red) and it does make a difference…