Fabric stash reorganized

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Fabric stash reorganized
Fabric stash reorganized
I’ve been having so much fun reorganizing my fabric stash. It’s almost as fun as shopping and adding to my fabric stash! Either way, I enjoyed running my fingers over all that lovely fabric, and sorting them all by color family. It gave me time to reunite with some beautiful favorites.

I put everything away in color wheel order (sort of):

  • Beginning across the top with magenta in the upper left corner, followed by red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, and yellow.
  • Since I make lots of portraits, I tend to collect lots of flesh and hair colors. Most of them are muted versions of red-orange, orange, and yellow-orange so I placed them right below those respective cubbyholes.
  • Below the magenta is red-violet and violet in one cubbyhole, and blue-violet to the right of it.
  • On the other side, below the yellow is yellow-green, green and blue-green in one cubby, and cyan to the left of that.
  • Since blue is my favorite color, I tend to buy a lot of it. (In my mind, I have numerous quilts planned for these…okay, so they may always remain in my mind, but at least I’m ready just in case!) As a result, blue gets eight cubbyholes! I also separated the brighter blues from the duller blues and put the muted versions in the row below.
  • In the bottom left I have two cubbyholes of dyeable cotton, silk, linen, and hemp.
  • In the center bottom, two cubbies have black and white prints.
  • The last four cubbyholes in the lower right have multicolor batiks or hand-dyes, kids prints, and animal skin prints.

During the process, I also weeded out two bags full of fabrics that I will probably never use. I plan on donating them to a worthy cause that’s on my mind. The nice thing is that this leaves more room for more fabric! Maybe I’ll have to do some shopping specifically looking to add to the cubbyholes that are only partially full.

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    • Maria

      I love that cabinet! It was built to be a microscope cabinet. A friend bought it second-hand from a local university, and then decided he didn’t want it. I was happy to take it off his hands!!!