Sorting fabric

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Sorting fabric by color
Sorting fabric by color
Yesterday I cut more paper swatches from my Color-aid pack, mostly in the muted tones. I sorted to my heart’s content and then glued the color variations for each hue on a different 12″ by 12″ paper. There were fourteen sets of extended colors in all, which basically covers both color wheels since cyan and magenta were included. Since I used paper left over from my printmaking days, the only cost I’ve had so far is two bottles of rubber cement.

Today I attacked my fabric stash. I already had my fabric cupboard loosely divided by color. This time I compared each fabric with the color cards to more finely determine which color family they belong in. I’m actually learning a lot, especially when it comes to identifying the muted tones. Some look pretty similar until you actually lay it on the color card. Almost immediately, you can tell if it fits in the color family or not.

You may be wondering why I’m fiddling with all of this. Well, I have a plan… (DH always groans when I say those words!)