Goodbye, sweet ornaments

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The ornaments are now truly my gift to my girls. They are all packaged up and ready to go home with them. I’m happy I have a photographic record of them all, and I’ll always have the precious memories — … Continued

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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For us, Christmas is all about Jesus. He is the reason we celebrate. We believe Christmas is the time for us to remember His birth and why He came. Within a year or so of making the nativity scene, I … Continued

Homemade nativity

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Many years ago we decided that we wanted to make the nativity scene the central focus of our family’s Christmas celebration. As much as I love to decorate for Christmas, we decided that instead of having a Christmas tree, we … Continued

2010 Christmas ornaments

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This year was a hard year to decide what ornaments to make. There didn’t seem to be any momentous occassion to commemorate. The year was just your average day-to-day living. DD#1 spent the year working diligently to save up money … Continued

The pressure’s on

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The pressure is on! I haven’t made 2010 ornaments yet. I have a vague idea and a pile of supplies but (other than procrastinating by writing a blog entry) I’m not sure what comes next. Time to chain myself to … Continued

2009 “Making Faces” ornaments

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2009 was the year that I filmed the “Making Faces” DVD workshop. In one segment of the DVD, I teach an easy way to create a portrait. The method is based on manipulating a photograph using a digital editing program … Continued

Precious time gobbled up

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Yes, other obligations and responsibilities have been gobbling up my precious quilting time. On the other hand, I did get all the presents wrapped and the Christmas cards mailed — no small feat since we mailed out 120 cards! I … Continued

2008 Christmas ornaments

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More changes — I expect the trend will continue! DD#1 spent a year away at Calvary Chapel Bible College, beginning with a semester in Murrieta Hot Springs, California and ending with a semester in York, England. After four hard years … Continued