Color wheel pin cushion

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Color wheel pincushion
Color wheel pincushion
Look what I just finished! I made a color wheel pin cushion. It was fun to do and it makes me smile 🙂

I’ve been going through some storage areas and I came across a pile of 4″ and 5″ squares. For a while I subscribed to a service through Hancock’s of Paducah, and every month or so they sent a stack of 5″ squares of the new fabrics. Among my hoard was a set of twelve tone-on-tone polka dot prints. With a little help from some Tsukineko all-purpose ink, I was able to get a full color wheel. I cut the squares into 30 degree wedges and sewed them all together. Then I gathered the outer edge and stuffed it. It fits perfectly into a little cobalt blue dish I found at the thrift store.

Analogous color scheme
Analogous color scheme
I’m also playing with a some deep blues, purples, and greens. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Next I’m going to add bits of yellow and orange to see what happens.

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  1. Ed Chamness

    The pin cushion in great. How many pieces did you have to hand color. Too bad they fabric company did not think about a full range…

  2. Maria

    I had to paint the blue and the yellow-orange, and then I had to modify the red-violet, the blue-green, and the orange so they were closer to the correct color.