Hot colors

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Hot colors
Hot colors
Last night my quilt guild had its annual Christmas potluck and fabric gift exchange. This year, each person was supposed to get 1/3 yard of focus fabric and two 1/3 yard cuts of coordinating fabrics. It’s fun to participate in exchanges like this because so often someone else picks out some fabulous fabrics that you might have overlooked. I was thrilled when I got these three hot colors! Yes, I confess, I am always drawn to blue first, but these three fabrics are so fun and vivid that I can’t wait to get started. I told the generous giver that I hope to have a quilt top done by Thursday. Visions of zigzags and stars and triangles dance in my head! I think I’ll have to do more than one quilt top. I could use them in several different color schemes. It’s too bad my time is limited today, but I think I’ll go do some planning now. I’m sure I can squeeze in an hour or so this morning.

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  1. Sharon Driver

    can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!! Am thinking about attempting first mini this morning – beats packing up stuff, lol.

    • Maria

      Yesterday’s commitments were postponed, so I actually got two tops done yesterday. I’ll post them later today.