Fabric Confession

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Fabric confessionI have a confession. I hope you will all understand.

I bought more fabric. These beautiful hand-dyed fabrics came to live with me yesterday.

Actually, I’ve bought an absurd amount of fabric since Thanksgiving.

Fabric cabinet, Nov. 2010
Fabric cabinet, Nov. 2010
It all began when I pulled out my old pack of Color-Aid paper and made a color chart, followed by some color wheels. That led to sorting my stash and reorganizing my fabric cupboard which, of course, made me realize that I had a lot of empty space don’t buy certain colors very often. Since that time, I’ve been rather obsessed with getting a rainbow of colors.

The funny thing is that I’m kind of at a loss. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them. I do mostly people quilts, typically fairly realistic ones. That usually means tans and browns. I seldom use clear, saturated colors like these. I know I’ve been rather restless with my art over the last couple of years. Maybe I’m getting ready to go through a growth spurt!