Snow dye results

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I washed out my snow dye experiments from yesterday. I think I really like certain passages in some of them, but can’t say I’m overwhelmed with excitement. I know I am a novice at dyeing and I’m sure that greatly contributes.

I had two larger pieces of fabric that I was hoping to dye a color wheel of sorts. That didn’t exactly happen. Also, on one I just laid the fabric in the bottom of the plastic bin, while on the second one I laid it on an elevated grid. I don’t know about you, but I think the first one is more interesting.

Snow dye 1
Snow dye 1
Snow dye 2
Snow dye 2

Other than the two mediocre attempts at a color wheel, I also dyed in a bunch of fat quarters so I could use up the rest of the dye. These were all randomly bunched up and laid on the bottom plastic bins. I wasn’t really trying to get any special colors or patterns, and I didn’t get any, so I guess I succeeded! For the first four samples (eight pictures) I dyed some white-on-white fabric. Interesting to see, but I liked the back side better. The last two are Pimatex cotton (the same fabric I used on the color wheel samples). I think I like sample #7 best.

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  1. Toni Mitt

    I think these turned out lovely! I know a lot of people don’t like the white spots, but I do–to me, that’s what makes it look icy and crystaline. Congratulations, and have fun playing with your new fabric.

  2. Cheryl

    I oftern find pieces of material that the backside is so much better. I agree with you on your samples… No 7 is beautiful.. vibrant pattern and color.

    I often dye alot of fabric when doing theatre costumes… I’ve had sucess, but I only use the ritz dye.. never used it the correct way, don’t really read alot of directions… to the T… a local motel gives me all their cast off sheets… most of them are high count cotton. they make lovely dresses /gowns.. from the stage they look perfect…

    I saw a demo on doing ombre… I may set myself up some colors and try that… when it gets warm..

    I do all my dying in the washing machine…