Color doodles

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Color doodle 1Things have been busy here in our little home, but I still get to wander back to my studio from time to time. Short periods of time. Short enough to do a few color doodles. I have a supply of 2″ squares in a wide variety of colors that I’m using for my doodles. The fabrics used in the first picture are from my little hoard of Primrose Gradations hand-dyed fabrics. I bought five little rolls of these precious fabrics. Each had eight 6″ squares of gradations of a single color. I’ve hoarded them for who knows how long. I remember buying them at one of the Houston quilt festivals. According to my Quicken files, it might have been in 2000. I remember it was a big splurge for me, but also a concession since I really wanted to buy one roll of every color they had! This year I’ve been trying to use up stuff I’ve been hoarding, so I fused Wonder Under to the back and cut them all into 2″ squares so I could play with them easier.

Gotta run and do another task, but hopefully there will be more fabric doodles later.

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