Cover art for “Fallen Stars”

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Cover art for "Fallen Stars"I spent most of this week helping my sweet hubby finish up the final details on a book he’s been writing. The book is loosely based on a Bible verse that says, “Do you not know that you will judge angels?” It is a fantasy adventure story about angels and how a third of them were tempted to rebel against their Heavenly Father. In the end, they must answer for their actions when they are brought before a panel of men for judgment.

We’ve decided to publish it as a Kindle book on, but it first needed cover art. I thought a picture of a bound angel would be perfect, so I asked our son-in-law to come over to model for me. He was so good-natured about it, too. He put on shorts, even though it was winter, and wrapped a towel around his waist and let me bully him a bit. (“Sit like this. No, I need to see your foot. Let me see your knees. Look repentant. No, maybe rebellious. Wait, I need more pictures.) I really like how the cover turned out, and it looks like him, too, so I’ll give the original to our daughter so she can always remember her husband is an angel.

I’ve never published a book for Kindle before. Most of the conversion process worked fine, but does anyone know how to include the ncx file? I’ve been trying to follow the online tutorials, but haven’t been successful yet. Guess I’ll have to spend Monday figuring out that part of it.

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  1. Susan

    It does look like Eric! I didn’t know Dave was writing a book. So Lydia is a writer by heredity. 🙂

    • Maria

      He’s been writing it over the last few years and then it took some time editing it. We had a couple friends who started editing it, but various things happened so that they couldn’t finish it. In the end, I had to finish the editing. Dave is a terrific story-teller, and the girls spent a lot of time listening to his stories.