Happy Birthday, DD#1

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Today DD#1 turns 26. Wow. How did that happen?

Violinist by Maria ElkinsMemories are an interesting blend of “it seems just like yesterday” and “it’s all a blur.” I remember the wonder of it all as she grew within me. I remember the fear and trepidation as I left the hospital with her in my arms. She was a joyful, curious child. She didn’t sleep much. Quit taking naps when she was a few months old — she was too interested in everything that was going on around her. She started walking a week before she turned eight months old. That was quite a shock!

We spent hours reading books. Maybe that’s why she loves reading so much now. I remember being amazed when I could say the first word on the page of her favorite book and she could recite all of the other words on the page. Not two or three words, either, but two or three sentences. I remember being annoyed when I was trying to sing her to sleep and she kept singing along. She had memorized all of the songs, but that meant she wasn’t sleeping!

The years have been a blessing — all the joy and even the lessons learned through frustration. She’s an interesting blend of serious, logical, philosophical and whimsy. Together we stand at the edge waiting to see what God will do next.

Lion baby quilt I made my very first quilt the month before DD#1 was born. Then the whirlwind began and I didn’t make another one for seven years. How do other quilters seem to find time to make quilts when their kids are babies? I could never quite do it. I was too exhausted!

Oh well, enough reminiscing. I finished a big project yesterday. I hope to blog about it soon. Today I spend time with DH, who was very patient while I was focused.

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  1. Susan Paine

    I’m so thankful Lydia and her family has enter our lives. We too stand on the edge waiting to see what God will do with 2 very analytical thinkers for children. 🙂