Eric and Bethany silhouette

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Eric & BethanyDD#2 came over last night to use my Photoshop Elements for a project she was working on. When she was done, she saw me working on some silhouettes, so she decided to do one, too. I had a picture of her husband and her that she liked, and I let her pick out whichever fabrics she wanted. In less than an hour, she had a finished silhouette to bring home. It was a lot of fun to do a quick and easy project while we chatted.

All part of my insidious plan to lure her into the world of quilting…hehehe!

(Actually, she’s absorbed a tremendous amount just by watching and listening over the last twenty years. I am so grateful for her for honest and perceptive feedback.)

5 Responses

  1. karen

    Maria, thanks for visiting my blog! I love your work!!

  2. Karen M

    What a nice job she did, and what a great way to connect to your daughter. I hope someday to lure mine in also.

    • Maria

      She kept asking if the colors were too bright 🙂 I think they’re perfect and the colors reflect their combined personalities. Both are pretty amazing people!

  3. DD#2

    Thanks Mom! Had so much fun… Eric Loved it. 🙂 We have it up in the bedroom. the bright colors keep growing on me… hehehe. Glad I was able to play! 🙂