Product review: SewSlip

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SewSlipI love free motion quilting. In fact, almost all of my quilting is free motion. Last Saturday I decided to use my even feed foot and I had to go searching for it and dust it off. One tool I really like that makes free motion quilting easier is this SewSlip silicon-coated sheet. The quilt glides so easily over the top of it so I don’t have to struggle moving it.

SewSlip's tacky backI like that it has a semi-sticky back so it stays in place. No slipping and sliding. No need to tape it down. I’ve been using it for nearly two years now. After a while, the tacky surface can collect lint, but it washes off very easily and stays just as tacky as before.

I also like how big it is: 12″ by 18″. And, from what I’ve seen, it costs about half as much as similar products.

There are two versions of the SewSlip sheet. One has a small, round hole where the needle goes through. The other has a bigger, rectangular hole that leaves the feed dog exposed. I ended up cutting my hole even bigger because I have a drop in bobbin and it was a hassle to remove the sheet every time I had to change my bobbin thread.

If you’re interested, be sure to read the tips on the SewSlip website. I didn’t know that it could also be used as a press sheet when fusing or as a palette when painting. Guess I should actually read instructions!