2011 International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati

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IQF Cincinnati 2011As I mentioned earlier, today we went to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati. It’s been five years since I’ve been able to attend the big IQF show in Hoston, so it was a lot of fun to be able to run down to Cincinnati to see this show. There were vendors galore! Row after row of everything imaginable. Oh yeah, there were quilts, too!

I confess I hit the vendors first. I snatched up a hoard of fat quarters and some thread. No specific project in mind, of course, but there were some really pretty blue fabrics I couldn’t pass up. I think I go a little crazy when I’m around that many choices. I’m not exactly sure why I bought some of it! I notice a lot of polka dots in there. For some reason, I’ve been collecting animal skin prints for years now, so I got a couple to add to that stack. I also got a couple fat quarter packs of gradations in gray. And I snatched a few bright colors to add to my color swatches for color class. Yellow-orange, red-orange, magenta, and blue-green are usually in short supply.
The haul

Here’s what it looked like from the second floor overpass facing west.
IQF Cincinnati 2011 floor

But that’s not all. Here is the east side.
IQF Cincinnati 2011 floor

I haven’t forgotten DH. He was so sweet to sacrifice his day to drive me down and be my pack mule. He was rewarded by getting to study in peace and quiet, and then watch movies. We ended the day with a DQ blizzard. (First time we’ve cheated on this diet for at least a month. I think we deserve it!)
DH passing time

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