Favorite tools: crockpot

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New blue crockpotI realized I forgot to mention one of my favorite quilt tools: my crockpot! I’ve had a nice little three quart, blue crockpot for more than ten years, which I use all the time to make wonderful homemade yogurt, but I’ve been wanting a larger one. I’ve been casually looking online when I think of it. Since I wasn’t in a particular hurry, I decided I could be picky. I didn’t really want to settle for just plain white, and any color besides blue was, of course, out of the question, so when I saw this fabulous five quart, blue and white crockpot, I rushed right over and bought it. I was so excited, I even forgot to thoroughly research it and see if I could find a lower price somewhere else.

So why is my crockpot a favorite quilt tool? Well, because I just spent five minutes throwing something in it at 10 AM this morning, and now I can spend the rest of the day quilting. I can feel completely guilt-free because I know I’ll be able to serve my family a great dinner in eight hours. Plus, it will smell wonderfully inspirational throughout the day 🙂

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