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Studios magazine - thread storageI’m excited! A double whammy! I just saw that the Summer 2011 Studios magazine is available for preorder, or the digital version is available immediately. My instructions for a do-it-yourself thread cabinet are in that issue! If you go to the link and see the phrase “Instructions for Making a Customized Thread Organizer,” that’s my article!

I admit I’m completely addicted to anything that organizes. I love nice, neat little rows of things. I’m not saying my life is actually like that! It just resonates within me. So, I naturally fell in love with Studios magazine from the very first issue.

For years, I’ve tried numerous ways of organizing my thread. Thread is another one of my addictions. (If money were no object, I’d have one of every color of all my favorite threads. It wouldn’t matter that I might never use fluorescent poison green. I would need it to complete the set!) I’ve tried special boxes, hanging racks, plastic drawer units, you name it! I tried enough possibilities to help me identify what I wanted for my own customized thread cabinet. I wanted lots of drawers that were very close together so there wasn’t any wasted space. I wanted the drawer to be easily accessible and removable. When I pulled out a drawer, I wanted to be able to see all of my choices at once. I drooled over architect’s flat files, but they were way too expensive for my budget. In the end, I designed my own dream cabinet with supplies that are easy to find. After it was done, I thought others might like it too, so I wrote an article for Studios magazine, and now it’s published!

Time to celebrate! I think I’ll buy more thread.

If you are interested in getting these instructions, you can purchase a digital version of this magazine here or you can often find the print version on Ebay.

8 Responses

  1. Elizabeth McDonald

    CONGRATS! What a super design you came up with!

  2. Jane

    I am addicted to threads too, totally agree with the whole set rationale 🙂 What threads do you use?? I love finding out what other people use.

    • Maria

      When I’m quilting a portrait, I love YLI silk #100. Invisible thread is good too. I also love Superior threads. I use Bottom Line a lot on faces. I like to use Rainbows variegated thread in the hair. In the photo, you see a whole lot of Sulky 40 wt rayon thread which I collected about ten years ago. What do you like to use?

  3. Donna Becker

    I just saw the thread organizer as I was looking at the magazine’s website! And I knew I had to get the instructions. Thank you! It’s a GREAT idea. Since we live in a dusty area (U.S. Midwest), I think I’ll add a piece of Mylar over each open end of the organizer, just to keep most of the dust out. Just an extra step, but so helpful.

    • Maria

      Great idea! You could also use that clear plastic tablecloth material that is available on rolls at fabric stores.

  4. Cindy Harwood

    Great storage idea! I know what you mean about the architect’s files. I love them but they are so pricey. I can’t wait to check out your instructions!