Product review: Ruby Mountain Dye Works

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Ruby Mountain Dye WorksI’ve been pretty quiet this week, mainly because I’ve actually been working in my studio 🙂

The week started with a workshop and lecture for Remembrance Quilt Guild in Springfield, Ohio. Really sweet ladies — thanks for your warm welcome! I had the opportunity to teach about color, and then I showed a PowerPoint presentation about the Lost Quilt Come Home website.

Once I got back home, I started on the next deadline. Next Friday, I’m going down to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, and I’m going to be filming two short segments with Pokey Bolton for Quilting Arts TV.

I’ve been collecting all of the quilts and samples that I’ll be showing, and in the process I’ve been adding new samples. A couple days ago, I realized that I really wanted a few more specific colors of hand-dyed fabrics. I’m so thankful to Karen Davis of Ruby Mountain Dye Works! I had bought several packs from her in the past and I love how rich and beautiful the colors are — every piece I’ve bought from her has been simply luscious. I shot off a quick email to Karen. She searched her inventory, put together a special package of her fabulous hand-dyes, and immediately popped them in the mail. (Thank you, Karen!) I got them a couple hours ago, so now I’m off to put them to good use.

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  1. Sandie

    I too, LOVE Karens fabrics! The fabrics are absolutely stunning and the prices are extremely reasonable! Karen has gone above and beyond for me also, I just cannot say enough good about her fabrics. Now, having said that, I would like to know if you are scheduled to do any workshops in the upcoming months? I would love the opportunity to attend one of your workshops.I have seen your work in shows, and it never fails to capture my attention!

    • Maria

      Thanks for asking, Sandie! Through the rest of this year, I’ll be teaching in Bridgman, Michigan; Potomoc, Maryland; Westerville, Ohio; Newport News, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Grand Junction, Colorado; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Circleville, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio in 2012.

  2. Sandie

    If you could email me with the Ohio and Virginia teaching dates, and workshops that will be taught at each place, I would be very grateful! I live in the Pittsburgh PA area, and get to the Central Ohio region fairly often. I could possibly plan a trip around the date of one of the workshops. And The Newport News class would make a great excuse to go to the shore!