Sample color schemes

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Color scheme sample, detailLast night I finished quilting a little color scheme sample that I put together. It was fun working with such bright, pure colors. I love how they look on the crisp, white background! I made this sample so it is easy to remember various possible color schemes. I get in a rut quite easily, so it’s nice to be reminded that there are other colors besides blue. (I can’t believe I said that! Let me re-phrase: there are colors that are less blue…)

It was a blast making these whimisical little flower-ish shapes. I enjoyed coming up with the funky flowers so much that I actually made a second sample, too. I didn’t bother quilting that one, though.

Here’s the full sample, complete with cyan-magenta-yellow color wheel. There is a flower stem for each color scheme: monochromatic, complementary, analogous, split complementary, triad, tetrad, and then a comparison of pure and muted colors.
Color scheme sample

DD#2 came over to play with me while I was getting things together for Friday. Look at the cute color scheme samples that she made. Wouldn’t this be a fun way to try out new color schemes? Can’t you just see these on a little boy’s shirt?
DD#2's color scheme sample

6 Responses

  1. BJ

    What great “samples” to have! Sure beats the standard color wheel. Just makes you smile to look at any one of them!

  2. Joy

    That is such a great idea!!! I can see Elijah in those!! Did she do that on paper?

    • Maria

      They are pieces of fabric fused onto white fabric. Very quick and easy!

  3. Maria

    Maria, that’s so beautiful! Did you stitch or draw the black lines?

  4. Sharon Driver

    Am wanting to make a couple for myself…what a great wall hanging these would make…in lots and lots of different colors using same color wheel….
    the possibilites are ENDLESS!!!

    Thanks for posting …