Happy Mother’s Day

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Teacup by Maria ElkinsHappy Mother’s Day! And in this sense, I define “mother” broadly to covers all women. I’m so thankful to have two beautiful daughters of my own, but I’ve seen enough women who had no children of their own, and I’ve seen them “mother” and nurture those around them. I believe they deserve recognition, too. Take time today to take a loved one out for a lunch or dinner or a cup of tea. Or, if you know of a woman alone today, make an extra effort to make her feel special.

Every time I see this quilt, called “Teacup,” it brings back fond memories of the tea parties I had with my girls as they were growing up. Those were such special times! Thank you, my sweet daughters 🙂

  1. Ed Chamness

    Maria…thanks for sharing…I love this quilt, and I have never really understood why…I have not daughters and no memories of tea parties…after thinking on it, I guess it makes me think of my Mother and her collection of decorative tea cups…it was one of her little pleasures…beautiful and delicate…