House guests

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Unhappy birdThe last few days, this bird has been scolding us anytime we stepped out our back door, and even when he/she could see us through the dining room window. The poor thing was in a tizzy when DH mowed the lawn! We don’t have any big trees in our backyard, just a few tiny peach trees much too small for a nest, so we had to search really hard before we found the reason.

Bird nestThis little nest is perched on the outdoor light, which is hidden behind our door. No wonder we missed it! Imagine how upset mamma and pappa bird were when I stood up on a chair to snap this picture.

Baby birds

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  1. Helen Ernst

    Birds are welcomed house guests at my home. I am having issues with the uninvited guests that have the fluffy tails. The squirrels are creating havic at my home. I wish a could throw them out!

    • Maria

      Yesterday we had a bunny digging a hole and building a nest right in the middle of the yard. DH went out and rubbed his hands all over it to scare her away.