Watercolor class 2

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Watercolor overlaysToday I had my second watercolor class. It is held at a local community center, and Nita Leland is the instructor.

I did some more simple overlays and some washes. I explored different strokes that can be made with a single brush. I was laughing at myself in class today. I can’t say watercolor painting comes natural to me at all. I’m too impatient. I don’t want to wait for the paint to dry before I start on the next part. I use too much paint so it looks chalky, or too little paint so it looks anemic. The paint blurs where it isn’t supposed to, and refuses to migrate when I want it to. In my mind I make wonderfully free pictures with bright, crisp colors. In reality, a different story 🙂

Six more classes in this session. Hope I’ll graduate to something more than squares! In the meantime, I’ll concentrate on having fun.