Work in progress: background wind gusts

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Backgound quiltingAll my spare hours are being spent quilting the background. I wanted a something that suggested wind blowing. I confess I love feathers, though, so I decided to try to combine the two. I’m also working in parts of a quilt block called “Windblown Star.” (I love Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia Of Pieced Quilt Patterns.)

I still have a long way to go!

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    • Maria

      For most of my quilts the quilting is pretty much improvisational and I don’t use anything more than a few directional marks with a Roxanne chalk pencil.

      For this project, I wanted more intricate markings. I tried stitching through tracing paper, but it was pulling the threads too much when I tried removing it. I ended up tracing my design onto Sulky’s Solvy water soluble stabilizer with a Pigma pen. The stabilizer was pinned in place. It is very sheer, so I could see where I was putting it. It’s soft and flexible so it moved with the fabric when I needed to roll it up the quilt. It also tears away easily. Afterwards, all the pieces I tore away can be saved and disssolved in water to be used in another project. The best part is that any bits that are left behind can be dissolved.

  1. Ed Chamness

    Wind-blown feathers…how cool…when do we get to see it all…?

    • Maria

      My deadline is Wednesday. I’ll show the whole quilt when it’s entirely quilted.