Work in progress: quilting motifs

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Shiva Paintstik textureI spent the weekend adding some Shiva Paintstiks to my painting. I added color and texture in the hair, and also added the suggestion of a traditional quilt block called “Windblown Star” in the sky.

Now for the fun part: planning out how I might quilt this piece. I don’t usually do too much advance planning. The most I might do is to lay a piece of transparent plastic over the top and draw some general directional lines with a dry erase marker. This time I wanted to do something a little different. I used tracing paper to copy the image and now I’m drawing out curvilinear shapes that suggest gusts of wind. I’m modifying feather motifs and decorative paisley and acanthus designs.

Quilting motifs

Should be an interesting challenge!

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    • Maria

      It should be roughly 24″ by 36 to 40″ — it’s still sort of open-ended 🙂