Work in progress: skin tones finished

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Quilted faceI finished the face at about 11:45 last night. Had a good night’s sleep and am ready to tackle the background. I’m sure that will involve lots of problem solving! The hair will be done last. I also need to think of a good title.

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  1. Lexy

    It’s looking really good Maria! I’m enjoying each stage too. Something I’m trying to do on my blog as well.

  2. Susan

    How beautiful. I am new to quilting my own quilts and was wondering if I might ask: How do you decide what threads to use? Do you have a way of choosing whether to go lighter, darker or perhaps use thread the same color? I am really struggling with this type of decision when trying to quilt my quilts.

    • Maria

      I still struggle with choosing thread colors too. In fact, right now I’m puzzling over which color to pick for the background.

      Generally speaking, if I want to hide my stitching, I pick a thin thread in the same color or slightly darker. If I want my stitching to stand out, I pick a 30 or 40 wt, high contrast thread.

      If I’m quilting something that should look three dimensional and it is fairly large, I might pick three colors (light, medium, and dark). If it’s not very large, I’ll use just one medium color and let the fabric color do the work in making it look 3-D.