Embrace 1

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Embrace 1 by Maria ElkinsI’ve been so busy working on “Windblown” that I haven’t said much about “Embrace 1” which is the other quilt I just finished. It is a interpretation of three woodblock prints that I did during college. I’ve always liked the sketch-like quality of the image, and I wanted to try to capture the same feeling in fabric.

I started with a black and white version last October. In November I decided to play with colors that I wouldn’t normally use like lime green, lemon yellow, and orange. From there I decided to play with some free motion quilting. It’s been a fun project to work on — another chance to stretch and grow. If you’re interested in reading and viewing the process, you can follow the posts in the Embrace category.

4 Responses

  1. Lynette

    In Love!! The black and white version is compelling; this one in color is alive and exhuberant.

  2. Lisa

    It is always so fascinating to see what color can do to a project. I love the colors you chose for this project. Beautiful!

  3. Nina-Marie

    Ohh you’re so lucky to have worked with wood blocks. I never really knew about them until last year when I saw an exhibition of Mabel Hewit and thought WOW! I’m really going to have to explore this medium someday!

    • Maria

      Of all the printmaking techniques, woodblock and lithograph were my two favorites. I love that woodblock is so hands-on. Digging into the wood is quite satisfying. I used the dremel, too, which yields completely different marks. It allows for more fluid movement, which is more natural to me. I have another woodblock image that I want to translate into a quilt someday, but I decided to use the “Embrace” image to work through various approaches first.